ITBB 2022 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Preview

As has become tradition, Craig and I wanted to hammer this one together so here goes. Oh, and I guess we should do some kind of grading system. How about the boring old A-F Scale and we’ll toss in a + or – to signify if we think it’s improved from 2021 or gotten worse.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Opening day is finally right there in our grasp, and while this offseason has been an emotional roller coaster for the entire league, let alone our local franchise, there will always be something about everyone being 0-0 that makes this event feel special.

Can Cole Tucker Finally Emerge?

Spring is Spring. We just watched Kevin Newman hit .600 last year and bomb the entire season. None of what we’ve seen from Tucker means he’s finally going to look like a first round pick, but it’s fair to say he’s earned another shot, one I sincerely doubted he’d get.

Convince Me This Team Will Be Better Anytime Soon!

The Pirates have alienated so many fans and the game itself has driven so many young fans away it stands to reason the Bucs should know most of their audience at this point are adults, perhaps they should start talking to us like we are.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

We’re getting close to the start of the regular season, in fact there will only be one more Five Thoughts before we get there and the opening day roster is starting to take shape, yes, even if you don’t like the shape it’s taking.