The Compassionate Contradiction of Sports Fans

Rarely has anyone with any credibility called for a situation where the players would be asked to be unsafe. We’ve gotten to the point where simply saying you might like to see sports is being panned as insensitive or even dangerous.

Maybe Now is the Time

We are soon to see whether the players union is willing to play or not. No, not on the field, in the negotiation room. The owners are prepared to send a formal proposal to the players for restarting the season, and while we’ve all read proposals, some bordering on silly, the formal presentation process typically signifies a real proposal that the owners really think has legs.

Top Ten Pirates Number 1 Picks Who Bombed

The scariest part of writing a piece like this is how easy it would be to put together a top 20. This must improve to be blunt, but the Pirates have a new sheriff in town, here’s hoping he can find gold in all five rounds the league is giving him.

Friday Focus – Is the Cap Itself a Casualty?

Three of America’s four major sports leagues have a salary cap in place, MLB of course being the outlier. If you’ve read my work for a while now you are no doubt aware how I feel about that, but just in case, I think a salary cap is needed to even the playing field in MLB and not just for the Pirates.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Hi everyone, I’d like to take this time to first thank you all for supporting us here at #ITdoubleB. When we launched this site we never imagined we’d spend our entire launch with no baseball to write about. None of that stopped you and we are growing everyday, from two guys who just want to talk and write about baseball, we appreciate each and every one of you.

Will the Real Pirates DH Please Stand Up?

For most of the time I’ve been writing, I’ve begrudgingly told you the DH was coming to the National League. Even as I begin another column with the designated hitter as a main subject, I’m envisioning half the comments being a simple “Nooooooooooooo”.

Should Pittsburgh be Excited if MLB Lands on 80 Game Season

Friends, I’m not going to relitigate all the plans, ideas, nagging thoughts, proposals and wet dreams of every person involved with MLB and the players union to restart playing the game. First, most of them are crap, worse, unrealistic crap. Second, none of them have threatened happening.

Ke’Bryan Hayes – Expectation vs Reality

For such a long time watching the Pirates, one of the best players on the roster perception-wise well, wasn’t on the roster. The top prospect is always expected to be the next answer for who will lead the Pirates back. Sometimes the faith is well placed and other times it’s a stretch at best.