Pirates Fans Are Sold On Suzuki

Obviously this is not universal belief held by all fans of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club; mostly because some people view it as a pipe dream not even worth discussing. However, for the most part, Pirates Fans have taken to social media in order to add recently posted Japanese Outfielder Seiya Suzuki to ever growing listContinue reading “Pirates Fans Are Sold On Suzuki”

Ben Cherington Is Gambling With Pirates Young Pitchers

I’m really not much of a gambler. The last time I placed a bet on a game was 21 years ago in college, I don’t play the lottery, the only scratchers I get are from my family for Christmas and I’ve never walked into a casino with more than 50 bucks in my pocket; whileContinue reading “Ben Cherington Is Gambling With Pirates Young Pitchers”

Pirates Find Their First Real Bargain Of The Off-Season

In a Zoom call with the Pittsburgh Sports Media, a few days before Halloween, Ben Cherington addressed several topics, including their impending entrance into the free agent market. Prior to the following statement being made on the subject, and even a few times since, Pirates Fans have continually pushed the envelope concerning the types ofContinue reading “Pirates Find Their First Real Bargain Of The Off-Season”

Pirates Need a Catcher….Again; The Future Looks Bright, but the Present, Well…

If you close your eyes for a moment and ignore that date in the byline you could easily find yourself transported back to 2019 or maybe 2020. The big difference this time is they aren’t looking for a starter at the position.