The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th

Over the past few weeks, days and months I have realized a couple of things; social media is mostly one big giant misperception when it comes to the 2021 MLB Amateur Draft and the majority of people commenting have never watched a college baseball game in their entire lives. People regularly see a 30 secondContinue reading “The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th”

Hurry Up and Wait – A Pirates Spending Reality Check

I have readers and listeners that span the spectrum of Pirates fandom. From those who say they just want to keep an eye on the team while making sure none of their money winds up in Bob Nutting’s pocket to fans who wouldn’t miss a minute and simply don’t want to hear about the owner in any capacity.

A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC

There are only three things in life that have become near certainties; death, taxes and a Pirates pitcher giving up a homer in the opening frame. Keeping in line with this train of thought, Tyler Anderson served up a dead center dinger in the top of the first to Kris Bryant; giving the Cubbies aContinue reading “A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC”

Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack

Prior to the second game, of a three series at Great American Small Park, the announcement of Gregory Polanco being on the bench with Phillip Evans in his place brought exuberant applause from many a Pirates Fan; and in all honestly how could you blame them after his 1 for 14 start to the season.Continue reading “Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack”