The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 5 Pinch Hitters of All Time

It takes a player with a certain personality makeup to come off the bench ice cold and step into the box, usually in situation with added pressure, to deliver a crucial hit or at the very least just get on base. Some players excel in these types of situations, which often adds to their legendContinue reading “The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 5 Pinch Hitters of All Time”

Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Pure Power

There are countless ways for MLB teams to score runs, with almost endless combinations of hits, walks, wild pitches, passed balls, stolen bases and even hit by pitches. However, the quickest way to affect the outcome of a game has almost always been the long ball; followed closely by a base clearing triple and aContinue reading “Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Pure Power”

From The Crows Nest: The St. Louis Cardinals Farm System

So far in this series we have looked into the three NL Central Division Farm Systems who have taken some hits over the past few years and find themselves with either lack of depth or nearly barren of any elite players as it pertains to the MLB Pipeline Top 100 Prospects. The Chicago Cubs areContinue reading “From The Crows Nest: The St. Louis Cardinals Farm System”

Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates

For quite a few years, 13 to 14 by my estimation, there has always been a clear heir apparent who would tasked with the duty of patrolling centerfield at aaa for the Pittsburgh Pirates. As Chris Duffy, and at times Rajai Davis, were taking turns trying to hold down the middle of the outfield inContinue reading “Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates”

The Compassionate Contradiction of Sports Fans

Rarely has anyone with any credibility called for a situation where the players would be asked to be unsafe. We’ve gotten to the point where simply saying you might like to see sports is being panned as insensitive or even dangerous.

Maybe Now is the Time

We are soon to see whether the players union is willing to play or not. No, not on the field, in the negotiation room. The owners are prepared to send a formal proposal to the players for restarting the season, and while we’ve all read proposals, some bordering on silly, the formal presentation process typically signifies a real proposal that the owners really think has legs.

A Tale of Two Tuckers

It was a humid afternoon/evening at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday April 20, 2019 and rain clouds were on the horizon. Pirates #5 Prospect, Cole Tucker, had just been called up to the majors and would be getting his first big league start thanks in part to a mid-game collision between starting shortstop,Continue reading “A Tale of Two Tuckers”