Relying On The Redbeard

Many things became a lot clearer after Todd Frazier’s opt out, immediately following the news that he been informed by the team he would not be making the Pirates Open Day Roster; one of which being Pittsburgh’s apparent faith in Colin Moran to man the first base position on a more regular basis than mayContinue reading “Relying On The Redbeard”

Needing A Bounce Back From Newman

Before I even started writing this piece, my mind became filled with the reaction(s) Pirates Fan could have to the word need in the title; saying that I am going overboard (ship themed pun intended) or reaching with my assessment of the situation. If we are being honest, I agree with them to a degree.Continue reading “Needing A Bounce Back From Newman”

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t

The Pirates have by in large been given a long leash by the fan base as they embarked on an aggressive rebuild that many didn’t even understand. Fans understood when they didn’t sign any big free agents too because it just wasn’t something that made sense for the stage the club was in.

From a Waiver Pickup to a Reliable Reliever

Before the 2020 season started in July, I had a conversation in a Rum Bunter recap about one of the Pirates’ exhibition games against Cleveland. The comment I specifically took note of was one about how Chris Stratton, a reliever in Pittsburgh’s bullpen, had been bad in 2019.

Pirates Development Philosophy on Full Display

I’d imagine both coaches had to blow off some steam after this one. An error filled disaster of a baseball game on both sides of the diamond. So it was an odd night to have Kevin Young in the booth talking about defense and the importance of it in the system.