The MLB Free Agent Market Has Broken Its Seal

The Toronto Blue Jays signed Robbie Ray and it starts to put clues on the record to help us understand the market. The agreement is 8 Million for 1 year and it shows us how both players and organizations might be thinking.

Why is Making Changes So Difficult for This Version of the Pirates?

The list of players that happen to be too young to give up on is far too big. Now, let me define that just a bit, not all young players are in this category.

Top Ten Pirates Questions & Answers We Hear All the Time

There are many questions that readers have about the Buccos, each and every one has a variable but for the most part we answer these in one form or another almost daily. So let’s put them all in one place and see if we can’t get past them and on to a new set.

You’re the Pirates GM, What Would You Have Done?

There aren’t a whole lot of people covering the Pittsburgh Pirates who step up to defend Bob Nutting, with good reason, he’s responsible for the club being where it is right now. He handcuffed his yet un-hired President and GM just by waiting too long to let the former front office go alone. That said,Continue reading “You’re the Pirates GM, What Would You Have Done?”