You’re the Pirates GM, What Would You Have Done?

There aren’t a whole lot of people covering the Pittsburgh Pirates who step up to defend Bob Nutting, with good reason, he’s responsible for the club being where it is right now. He handcuffed his yet un-hired President and GM just by waiting too long to let the former front office go alone. That said,Continue reading “You’re the Pirates GM, What Would You Have Done?”

Pirates (2-7) at Twins (7-2) Series Preview

Many of the storylines write themselves, Derek Shelton returning to the city that made him a hot coaching candidate in the first place to face his good friend Rocco Baldelli. The two only spent two seasons together but Shelton has mentioned on numerous occasions he has borrowed from the time he spent there, and we’veContinue reading “Pirates (2-7) at Twins (7-2) Series Preview”

Bucs Fall 3-0 in Series Finale to the Brewers in Example of What the Modern Game Has Become

Sure, things happened in this game. Joe pitched fairly well but gave up two homeruns and three runs. Woodruff was brilliant and the Bucs had no answers for anything he tossed up there, especially his changeup which mystified seemingly every batter in the lineup.

To Trade or Not to Trade, that is the Question

Trades and rumors of trades is almost as much a part of baseball fandom as hot dogs and Cracker Jack. People love to propose them, dissect them and forecast the results, it’s fun and it makes something that typically could be a painful moment as a fan more palatable.

Top Ten Pirates Things to Watch in 2020

There were some interesting things developing in Spring Training 1.0 and as this short season starts to play out, here are 10 things I don’t want to lose sight of. Which Polanco Shows Up – Gregory is arguably the most gifted athlete on the club. And he has failed to gain traction due to injuryContinue reading “Top Ten Pirates Things to Watch in 2020”