Top Ten – Craziest Things I’ve seen in Baseball

Baseball creates drama, and the unexpected events that crop up are the ones that really stick with you. Here are my top ten insane things I’ve seen, what did I miss? Randy Johnson kills a bird. 2. Jose Canseco has some trouble. 3. Pirates 2014 Triple Play 4. A bunt double 5. Ken Griffey Jr.Continue reading “Top Ten – Craziest Things I’ve seen in Baseball”

Friday Focus – Evaluation, The Unseen Casualty

It has been little over five months since Travis Williams and Ben Cherrington were hired as the President and General Manager respectively. The offseason was anything but normal to begin with as the hiring process went late, cutting into the valuable time it takes to make moves and evaluate where the team is.

The Pirates Top 5 Five Tool Players of All Time

Everyone that reads almost anything I write or listens to my podcast with my buddy Chris, Bucs in The Basement, knows that I am a prospect junkie. Today I am going to step out of my element a little bit, but I am going to take a part of my passion with me. In theContinue reading “The Pirates Top 5 Five Tool Players of All Time”

Friday Focus – All Draft Systems are Not Created Equal

Of all major North American sports, baseball has probably the hardest to swallow draft system. Who is this guy? When will he make it to the majors? What position will he play? These are all questions that most fans have when they see who their MLB club picked.