A Willingness to Work to Improve – Why it Matters that Polanco is Playing Winter Ball

Recently the Pirates mentioned they were pleased that Gregory Polanco agreed to play WInter Ball this off season, for many this was little more than a footnote, but for Gregory it’s both an admission he’s underperformed and a display of good faith that he wants to earn his contract figure.

It’s Voting Season in MLB Too! How Did Ke’Bryan Hayes Not Make the ROY Finalists?

One reason, and it’s incredibly simple, in a year when every player dealt with short sample size, his was shorter still. You can say he showed enough in that month to warrant winning but right or wrong that’s the reason.

Why Do Teams Hold on to Under-performing Talent?

Both of these players will be back. Period. Now, why do I say that with such authority? Because the Pirates simply can not afford to let either of these gentlemen walk for nothing.