Would an Extension Change Pirates Fan Relationship With the Team?

Before I dig in on this subject, there is nothing that will have real lasting effect on the fan base like winning. While it doesn’t feel like it at times, I think it’s easy to accept that Ben Cherington wants to do.

Filling The Immediate Hole Left By Frazier’s Absence Wouldn’t Be An Easy Task

This past off-season General Manager Ben Cherington had a decision to make, as he had two candidates for the first base job in Josh Bell and Colin; with him operating under the assumption that the designated hitter would not be in play, which turned out to be correct.. Ultimately, he found a suitor for BellContinue reading “Filling The Immediate Hole Left By Frazier’s Absence Wouldn’t Be An Easy Task”

Batting First And Leading Off For Your Pittsburgh Pirates

Starting a few days ago I noticed rumblings throughout Pirates Social Media about making a change at the leadoff spot in Pittsburgh’s lineup; and to be totally honest I was so preoccupied with Ke’Bryan Hayes’ absence in the number two spot, as well as having Erik Gonzalez bat cleanup, that I hadn’t really given itContinue reading “Batting First And Leading Off For Your Pittsburgh Pirates”

Which Pirates Are on Trade Watch Heading into Spring Training?

This offseason, Pirates General Manager, Ben Cherington, has been busy unloading some of the Pirates’ best players for a total of 11 prospects. While this came to no surprise, as Cherington said “This probably won’t be the last of them” after the Josh Bell trade in December, it finally showed to the fanbase what directionContinue reading “Which Pirates Are on Trade Watch Heading into Spring Training?”

Don’t Be Shocked if Joe Musgrove is the Only Other Move Before the Season

Now, before we dig in on this please don’t confuse this with the team feeling they’re competitive or asking far too much for assets, no, this is more about reading the tea leaves and making some assumptions based on what the market is telling us.

Pirates Trade Rumors, Proposals and the Art of Buzz

Sure, calling the baseball offseason the silly season doesn’t work as well as it used to. There was a time when the flurry of activity and overreaction lined up perfectly with election time but it’s hard to relate the two after what we’ve witnessed in 2020.

The Pirates Middle Infield Is Up In The Air

All conversations about the future at shortstop and second base for the Pittsburgh Pirates almost always end up with the word logjam. On the way to this conclusion there are discussions about trading Adam Frazier, Cole Tucker being given a fair shake at shortstop and Kevin Newman sliding over to second base; along with expectationsContinue reading “The Pirates Middle Infield Is Up In The Air”