Through The Prospect Porthole: Multiple Moves Made Ahead Of Yesterday’s Doubleheader

After beginning the season batting .083 with 16 strikeouts in only 24 at bats, the opening day starting centerfielder Anthony Alford was regularly discussed as a potential DFA candidate; and this morning, prior to the Pirates first game of a doubleheader in Detroit, the seemingly inevitable finally happened. However, this move did not take placeContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: Multiple Moves Made Ahead Of Yesterday’s Doubleheader”

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 4-12-21

Legitimately good weekend at PNC for the Pirates. Good because of who stepped up to provide the series win against the Cubbies, not just because it happened. See, that’s how we really need to view almost everything the Pirates do this season.

Bubble Players, Position Battles and the Construction of the Pirates 26-Man Roster

There always seems to be a sense of finality to the final cuts in Spring Training. For some, it’s one more rejection in a career filled with them, for others the last time they’ll experience it.