The Revolving Door Of Roster Projections and Suggestions

For anyone that has seen the movie Elf with Will Ferrell, you will probably recall the scene where he runs around in the revolving doors, comes out to the trash can, throws up and proceeds to go right back for more. If you haven’t, you can probably just imagine the times you have gone inContinue reading “The Revolving Door Of Roster Projections and Suggestions”

Pirates Fall As Keller Gets Tagged By The Padres

Following an effective and efficient outing by Mitch Keller on Saturday, Pirates Fans were looking for much of the same from the young right-handed starter this afternoon. Unfortunately these hopes were quickly washed away by a flood of hard contact from the San Diego Padres from the words play ball. After five hits, that includedContinue reading “Pirates Fall As Keller Gets Tagged By The Padres”

Pirates Outlast The Padres

In a first inning pitcher’s duel Chad Kuhl prevailed by only allowing two runs, on a leadoff home run and a bases loaded walk; while Blake Snell was chased by the Pirates thanks to some two out magic from back to back doubles off the bats of Jacob Stallings and Erik Gonzalez. Unfortunately he wasn’tContinue reading “Pirates Outlast The Padres”

Brubaker Gets It Done On The Mound And With The Bat

Each time the Pirates play I hope for a win, but that feeling was even stronger for today’s game; partially because an old friend Trevor Williams was on the mound-if you listened to a second of my podcast Bucs In The Basement last season you know my feelings on him as a pitcher-but mostly becauseContinue reading “Brubaker Gets It Done On The Mound And With The Bat”

The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th

Over the past few weeks, days and months I have realized a couple of things; social media is mostly one big giant misperception when it comes to the 2021 MLB Amateur Draft and the majority of people commenting have never watched a college baseball game in their entire lives. People regularly see a 30 secondContinue reading “The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th”

A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC

There are only three things in life that have become near certainties; death, taxes and a Pirates pitcher giving up a homer in the opening frame. Keeping in line with this train of thought, Tyler Anderson served up a dead center dinger in the top of the first to Kris Bryant; giving the Cubbies aContinue reading “A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC”

The Simplest Answer

As a eighteen year old kid, straight out of the sticks, I sat down in my 8 AM college Theology course ready to be instilled with the education my parents honestly paid way too much for; probably a little hungover, or at least extremely tired from a some late night GoldenEye. Suddenly my professor beganContinue reading “The Simplest Answer”

Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack

Prior to the second game, of a three series at Great American Small Park, the announcement of Gregory Polanco being on the bench with Phillip Evans in his place brought exuberant applause from many a Pirates Fan; and in all honestly how could you blame them after his 1 for 14 start to the season.Continue reading “Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack”

Pirates Sunk By A Couple Of Cubs Home Runs

In his Pittsburgh Pirates debut lefty Tyler Anderson pitched pretty much as expected, not great and not terrible, as he allowed three runs in five full innings on five hits; which could have easily been more thanks to two more errors from a pair of Pirates, including Adam Frazier’s second in as many games. AndersonContinue reading “Pirates Sunk By A Couple Of Cubs Home Runs”