Spend Nutting, Win Nutting! Am I Right?

For years it has been a rallying cry for some within the Pirates Fanbase; plastered on social media, echoed in response to almost every transaction made by the team and even placed onto t-shirts to wear into PNC Park. The financial shortcomings of Pittsburgh Pirates Owner and Chairman of The Board, Robert “Billionaire Bob” NuttingContinue reading “Spend Nutting, Win Nutting! Am I Right?”

New Year, Ne….Never mind, It’s The Pirates

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first full week of the MLB off-season in the new year; a time of new beginnings and resolutions, along with hopeful optimism, no matter how realistic any of these might be in the long term. For Pittsburgh Pirates Fans the 2020 season, and the few months that followed, wereContinue reading “New Year, Ne….Never mind, It’s The Pirates”

More Pittsburgh Pirates Moves Are Upcoming

It’s the day after Christmas and we are finally over the hump in between potentially guaranteed moves and/or transactions during what had been a less than active off-season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the rest of MLB for that matter, prior to the Christmas Eve Trade of Josh Bell to the Washington Nationals. It isContinue reading “More Pittsburgh Pirates Moves Are Upcoming”

Cherington Smartly Stocks Up On Pitching In The Rule 5 Draft

Prior to a little after 12 PM EST the 2020 Winter Meetings had been fairly quiet for General Manager Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sure there were some trade rumors, as Gary wrote about yesterday , but those are to be expected during this time of year; even when they involve potentially unexpected pieces,Continue reading “Cherington Smartly Stocks Up On Pitching In The Rule 5 Draft”

Pirates Outfield Options In The Rule 5

Last week when General Manager Ben Cherington spoke with Jason Mackey of the PG, he talked about the desire to acquire at Fourth Outfielder ; a possibility our own Gary Morgan addressed just a few days ago. As Gary mentioned, it is clearly a need going into 2021; and how he manages this situation couldContinue reading “Pirates Outfield Options In The Rule 5”

The Pirates Say They’d Like a 4th Outfielder

Yesterday Jason Mackey posted a conversation he had with Ben Cherington following the events of the non-tender deadline. If you read my piece yesterday, you probably can understand why I would be interested in what he had to say.

A Last Place Team With An Overflowing Roster

As Gary wrote about yesterday on the site and as I am guessing all of you know by now, General Manager Ben Cherington made the the decision to DFA fan favorite, starting pitcher Trevor Williams, along with utility man Jose Osuna at the Rule 5 Protection Deadline at 6pm on Friday; both of whom hadContinue reading “A Last Place Team With An Overflowing Roster”

Cherington Starts to Make His Mark, DFA’s for Trevor Williams and Jose Osuna

The story today could be about what Trevor Williams has done here in Pittsburgh, or oh shucks about Jose Osuna never getting a chance. Did we let them go too soon? How could they give up on them with all that control? Surely there are worse players than these two?

The Boring Nature of System Construction

One of the things the Pirates most needed to do this offseason is also one of the most boring, and it deals with the engine of the machine. The actual Farm Director, scouts, instructors, all in an effort to become more player centric throughout the organization.

Free Agent Targets That Ben Cherington Should Consider, BUT Probably Won’t

In my most recent article for the site I wrote about some potential free agent targets for Pittsburgh General Manager Ben Cherington from a realistic point of view, which was not met with a warm reception. I complete understand the reasons behind these reactions and truthfully I did expect them to be any different. However,Continue reading “Free Agent Targets That Ben Cherington Should Consider, BUT Probably Won’t”