A Pirates Slasher on Friday the 13th

For many fans, what the Pirates organization has put this city and base through is much like a horror flick. Everyone seems to see the guy hiding in the bushes with his machete, and yet every time, the characters just charge right into the one area they shouldn’t.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Have a great week everyone, and don’t watch the Pirates get beaten to hell by the Dodgers, watch the Pirates try like hell to go toe to toe with a team they know they have no business beating. See who looks like that’s what they have in mind. Pray one of them is the manager for once. Teach them to win Skip, or they never friggin’ will. Click to Read More…

The Roberto Perez Injury – Completely Predictable, Completely Avoidable

At some point you’re selling hope and trust. Now if I have to watch the situations of today mangled on a regular basis, how the hell am I or anyone else supposed to buy what you’re selling?

Changes are Coming for This Pirates Roster

The Pirates have probably overachieved in the estimation of many as they sit here at 10-14. A record pulled down by the Cardinals and Brewers beating them handily and in turn the Pirates beating the teams they’re supposed to be competitive with.

Some Nagging Pirates Issues Plague the Team Early On

Here we are, not even 20 games into the 2022 season and the Pirates are already in full on confuse the fans territory. I don’t mean like the normal “why can’t we have this good player?” or similar, I mean just confusing moves.