International Intrigue for the Pittsburgh Pirates

If it feels like every season the league is captivated by another young International signing, it’s probably because it’s true. Ronald Acuna, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez, the league is filled with talent from outside our borders and those that play the game the right way can accelerate team building in huge leaps rather than the baby steps of yesteryear.

The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan

Whenever the Rule 5 Draft is brought up to Pirates Fans it’s almost a guarantee that you will hear about how Pittsburgh acquired “The Great One” Roberto Clemente in 1954, even though the Dodgers tried, unsuccessfully” to hide him in Montreal. Now we all know that a move like this one is extremely unlikely; especiallyContinue reading “The Pirates Rule 5 Protection Plan”

The Pirates Arbitration Overload

The Major League Baseball Playoffs are in full swing, but for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a handful of other ball clubs, the off-season has already begun. Setting lineups, in game decisions and the often revolving door to and from the alternate site in Altoona are all distant memories. Now some true tests of the PiratesContinue reading “The Pirates Arbitration Overload”

Pirates Are In The Business Of Identifying Talent and Value, As Well As A Lack Thereof

Baseball is team sport; always has been and always will be. And as a team sport, a ball club can only be as good as their weakest link or in the Pirates case this year, links and one great player, no matter the position, can’t carry his team to a World Series alone. A startingContinue reading “Pirates Are In The Business Of Identifying Talent and Value, As Well As A Lack Thereof”

Looking Toward The Off-Season and Beyond

With the quick turnaround from a Wednesday night game to a Thursday matinee, my mind has been on the Pirates a little bit more than usual; which is really saying something because if you ask my wife I rarely take the opportunity to rest and recharge when it comes to the Buccos. Most of thisContinue reading “Looking Toward The Off-Season and Beyond”

Earning A Spot On The Pittsburgh Pirates

Over the last week or so we have been hearing about the idea of meritocracy existing within the Pittsburgh Pirates clubhouse. Both General Manager Ben Cherington and Manager Derek Shelton have talked about the need for a playing time to be earned and that healthy competition is necessary for growth. Many people have taken theseContinue reading “Earning A Spot On The Pittsburgh Pirates”

The Pirates Defensive Focus

This past off-season, as we are all aware, the Pirates went through a pretty significant house cleaning, followed by the ushering in of a new regime lead by General Manager Ben Cherington and Team President Travis Williams. From the beginning new organizational philosophies were discussed; including a “player centric” model, the need to identify, acquire,Continue reading “The Pirates Defensive Focus”

The Long Trip From Altoona to Pittsburgh: How Did We Get Here?

Back at the end of June, after all of the monetary negotiations had failed and the 103 page health and safety protocols had been approved, teams were asked to make some tough decisions as to how the would choose to assemble their 60-man player pool. Major League teams, including the Pirates, were asked to submitContinue reading “The Long Trip From Altoona to Pittsburgh: How Did We Get Here?”

The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks

From all of the reports and analysis I read leading up to the draft it seemed pretty clear that GMBC and his team were going to be leaning toward the college route, at least as it pertained to the first two or three picks. This led me to believe that within these selections the PiratesContinue reading “The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks”