Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

It was never about identifying a few guys and claiming everything would change when they got here, instead it was about identifying that there were simply too many guys timing up that the team wouldn’t find at least a few who made it up here and started changing everything.

What Used to Be Easy, Now Requires Thought

Now things like effort mean almost as much as numbers. This is simply going to be fun, already is. Enjoy it, because from here on out, this whole thing changes. Let’s talk about building a team, instead of pretending this franchise is ever going to buy one.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

The Pirates are out on a West Coast trip and sometimes that means things slip through the cracks, other times, it means fans have nothing but the “news” to pay attention to and that creates a narrative all it’s own.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Awful week of performance, or should we say, lack thereof for the Pirates. As expected, we’re now starting to see more of the youth brought up to the big leagues and the metamorphosis of this roster is officially underway. It’ll continue, and in short order too.

Pirates Pitching Will Ultimately Decide How All This Works

When fans complain about how this team uses the pitchers at the MLB level, specifically preventing them from going deep into games on the rare occasions they look capable, the common returned narrative is that this ethos will change when the Pirates get more “capable” starters up in Pittsburgh. I’m not so sure.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

As we sit here on the day after a historic victory while being no hit, and take a quick look at the Pirates record of 15-19, it’s probably fair to say, nobody has predicted everything they’d see with any real accuracy.

A Pirates Slasher on Friday the 13th

For many fans, what the Pirates organization has put this city and base through is much like a horror flick. Everyone seems to see the guy hiding in the bushes with his machete, and yet every time, the characters just charge right into the one area they shouldn’t.