MiLB and Player Development are Undergoing Quite a Change

The Pittsburgh Pirates are losing two MiLB affiliates as of this post, the Morgantown, West Virginia Black Bears and the Bristol Pirates. Tell people you’re taking something they love away and sit back an wonder why they take it badly.

Through The Prospect PortHole: Braeden Ogle

I often hear Pittsburgh Pirates fans talk about a void that exists in the Farm System as it pertains to quality pitching prospects, especially left handed pitchers. They make it seem like there are absolutely zero left handed hurlers, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not going to pretend like it wouldn’tContinue reading “Through The Prospect PortHole: Braeden Ogle”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Colin Selby

For a Major League Baseball team to be successful in each years June Amateur Draft they not only have to “hit” on the early draft picks, but also do deep dives to discover hidden gems as you move past the top 5 to 10 rounds. Sometimes these searches take you to places that have onlyContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Colin Selby”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel

Merriam-Webster’s defines a freak of nature as a person or thing that is very unusual or abnormal. In many situations this could potentially be seen as a negative, except when it comes to sports. In the sports world a freak of nature or athletic freak has attention showered on them, is celebrated at times andContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel”

Through the Prospect Porthole: Bear Bellomy

In my article yesterday I discussed the disparity that can often exist between natural talent and mental toughness, especially as it pertains to pitching prospects within the Pittsburgh Pirates Farm System. Former Bristol Pirates Pitching Coach Eric Minshall talked about the fact that many times players with natural talent have their growth stunted or theirContinue reading “Through the Prospect Porthole: Bear Bellomy”

The Inner Workings of Your Pittsburgh Pirates

In any good relationship there is a lot of give and take, talking through problems and many compromises along the way. Solid partnerships are very much the same. You play off of one another’s strengths, back each other’s play, celebrate when you profit and makes plans to pick up the pieces and rebuild if youContinue reading “The Inner Workings of Your Pittsburgh Pirates”