Watch The Pirates, Kid Oneil Cruz is finally here and he can throw baseballs faster than the average ballplayer and leap buildings in a single bound. While all of that hype is fun, Pittsburgh Pirates fans should expect ups-and-downs with the young SS, but also enjoy a lineup that we only imagined a year ago. Craig also insistsContinue reading “Watch The Pirates, Kid”

Pirates A Little Light On Pitchers A load of recent Pittsburgh Pirates transactions exposed a 40-man roster crunch when it comes to pitching. But what may be a problem in the short term had good long-term intentions behind it. Fans may soon see guys going longer with less stuff on the mound. Plus, Bryan Reynolds is good again and itContinue reading “Pirates A Little Light On Pitchers”

Pirates Winning More Than Expected We think an infield is coming together, with an unlikely fit at 1B. The team that picked up Cole Tucker should tell fans that other teams operate similarly to the Pirates. And Craig explains that his frustration with Ben Cherington is because he makes the same mistakes. Craig Toth covers the Pirates for Inside TheContinue reading “Pirates Winning More Than Expected”

Finding Future Pirates Down On The Farm Spenser Smith brings play-by-play magic to Bradenton Marauders broadcasts, and is the perfect expert to bring in for a look down on the farm. We’re talking about the prospects you know, the ones you don’t know and how it takes more than a quick look at the stat sheets to evaluate progress in theContinue reading “Finding Future Pirates Down On The Farm”

Hey Pirates, Let The Kids Play! The guys would like to see some of the young prospects get some playing time at the MLB level, and Mike Persak of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette agrees. Listen as he identifies one of the biggest frustrations for Pirates fans. We’re also looking for positives in the rotation, while celebrating six Pirates prospects moving upContinue reading “Hey Pirates, Let The Kids Play!”

A Pirates Core Is Building Don’t look now, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are starting to find some starting pitching. (Well, not so much with the opener on Monday night…but you get the idea.) They also have sent Cole Tucker down to the minors and we don’t think he’s coming back. Craig identifies the next Pirates prospect he thinks shouldContinue reading “A Pirates Core Is Building”

Pirates Need To Make Some Commitments With so many question marks in the eventual contending 26-man lineup for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is it time to sign some older veteran players to extensions? We have a couple of names that should get locked in this season in order to cut down on the amount of maybes on the future roster.  CraigContinue reading “Pirates Need To Make Some Commitments”

Pirates Offense Becoming Their Biggest Problem Mitch Keller is showing life, the Pirates used an opener successfully and leaving Oneil Cruz in AAA to start the season was likely the right call. Unfortunately the offensive woes are taking away from positives with only 2 or 3 true contributers. Is it time to cut bait on some players and bring upContinue reading “Pirates Offense Becoming Their Biggest Problem”

Pirates Numbers, Trends & Overreactions. Bryan Reynolds isn’t broken, but the starting pitchers continue to be a huge problem for the Pittsburgh Pirates. If things continue this way it could cause Ben Cherington and the front office to alter their rebuild plans. We look at the numbers, the trends and a few ridiculous overreactions as the Pirates come outContinue reading “Pirates Numbers, Trends & Overreactions.”

Pirates Pitchers In A Predicament Is there really anything you can learn in the first couple of weeks in a season? Are all of these Pirates starters really that bad? We examine manager Derek Shelton’s comments on pitching roles and explain why the early results match the club philosophy. Plus, we explain that while you may be tempted toContinue reading “Pirates Pitchers In A Predicament”