The Pirates are Finding Answers in the Rotation, but the Bullpen and Offense Continue to Fail the Test. Cubs Win 5-0

Experimentation is part of evaluation. Pretty simple concept right? This is why you see weird lineup spots, players posting up in spots they’ve never played and I’m not even bringing young guys learning their craft into the conversation.

Pirates Future Shines Bright, Can’t Escape Specter of the Present and Fall 5-4 to the Cards

When you get to this point in a season slipping into hopelessness is all too easy. Things that looked promising start to look like land mines and part of you gets angry when that guy you want gone does something well.

The Art of Vague Information

It’s starting to feel like this will be a theme as we go through the season, journalists notice a player hasn’t been on the field, and inquire as to where he might be. Coaches answer with a vague confirmation that the player was indeed not there. That’s it, end of story.