Know Your Enemy – May Edition

The month of May saw several teams in the NL Central face some tough times, thus leading to a shakeup in the standings. While the month was forgettable for Pittsburgh, no one really took the bulls by the horn this month.

Know Your Enemy – April Edition

The first month of the season has come and gone and things have been…wild. Just like everyone predicted, the Pirates have the best record in not only the NL Central, but the entire National League.

Back-to-Back Sweeps Behind Velasquez Gem, Bucs Win 2-0 (16-7)

4/23/23- By Michael Castrignano – @412DoublePlay on Twitter Coming off a series in Colorado where the bats posted 33 runs, the offense has been notably quieter during the home series versus Cincinnati. In its place, the pitching has been ELITE!  Following the 11 game quality start stretch ending yesterday, Vince Velasquez posted his best startContinue reading “Back-to-Back Sweeps Behind Velasquez Gem, Bucs Win 2-0 (16-7)”

Pirates Top The Reds In A Pitching Duel: (15-7)

4/22/23- By Craig W. Toth – @BucsBasement on Twitter Things feel different this year-at least early on-because they are different. It obviously starts with the record, aided by the current 6-game winning streak; but for the 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates it seems to go beyond that. The chemistry in the clubhouse is unmatched at the moment,Continue reading “Pirates Top The Reds In A Pitching Duel: (15-7)”

Three Bombs By The Reds, Sink The Pirates 6 to 2: (1-1)

4/1/23- By Craig W. Toth – @BucsBasement on Twitter As soon as Pirates Fans saw their old friend Kevin Newman in the lineup for Cincinnati in the 5-hole, they had to know he was going to do some damage against his former Ball Club. Especially after numerous comments were made in jest concerning him beingContinue reading “Three Bombs By The Reds, Sink The Pirates 6 to 2: (1-1)”

Know Your Enemies – Preseason Edition

This piece represents volume 1 of a monthly series that focuses on how the Pirates competition in the NL Central is trending. Both from a prospect development and MLB product standpoint. Knowing where your team is headed, at least partially is about where your division mates are headed. Corey’s attention to detail on this stuff I think you’ll find intriguing. Enjoy!

Forecasting the Immediate Futures in the NL Central: AKA, Know Your Enemies

I asked on Twitter if any of you would have interest in seeing how the NL Central is going to take shape over the next several seasons. A whole bunch of you said yes, so here it is.