Clay Holmes Has Been…Traded?!?!

If I was being asked to finish this sentence before 5:30 PM this afternoon, my honest answer would have consisted of three words, with none of those being traded, to, or Yankees; unless cash considerations were involved. This assessment is not a knock on Holmes by any means as I was as surprised as prettyContinue reading “Clay Holmes Has Been…Traded?!?!”

A Look at Clay Holmes and His Dominant Month of May

April showers bring May flowers? Although that saying may be extremely cliché, it perfectly describes Clay Holmes’ 2021 season thus far. As it stood on May 1st, Holmes had a 5.02 ERA and was being talked about as a real weak link for an otherwise strong Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen. But the turn of the calendarContinue reading “A Look at Clay Holmes and His Dominant Month of May”

Progression, Regression and Stagnation: 2020 Pirates Player Projections

Each year before a season begins there are expectations; for the organization as a whole, for the team and especially for the individual players on the field. We try to predict a direction or a path for the future; sometimes based on numbers and patterns, but often it is rooted in emotion, a gut instinctContinue reading “Progression, Regression and Stagnation: 2020 Pirates Player Projections”

xERA:The Lost Metric

Imagine working on something so hard for months and possibly years, only to have unveiled at a time when no one is paying attention. As most of you probably know by now, I am a pretty big “stats nerd” and spend a lot of my time in the Nerd Cave, compiling and comparing MLB playersContinue reading “xERA:The Lost Metric”