Pirates Middle Infield Battle Is Heating Up

4-1-22 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Back when Ben Cherington signed on to be GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates-and subsequently hired Derek Shelton to be the team’s manager-during the 2019-20 off-season, two of the positions that didn’t really need to be addressed, or questioned were those on either side of the keystoneContinue reading “Pirates Middle Infield Battle Is Heating Up”

Can Cole Tucker Finally Emerge?

Spring is Spring. We just watched Kevin Newman hit .600 last year and bomb the entire season. None of what we’ve seen from Tucker means he’s finally going to look like a first round pick, but it’s fair to say he’s earned another shot, one I sincerely doubted he’d get.

Kevin Newman: From Top Prospect to Prospect Seat Warmer

He’s a first round pick, a terrific defender and notoriously the negative launch angle leader on this club for 3 seasons running. He’s a cautionary tale of believing all the can’t miss you see in a system too.

September Call Ups for Pirates Underwhelm

Anyone who’s watched MLB for even half a decade can think back to when that top prospect got his first taste of action in the league. September has been an unofficial holiday of sorts for teams long since out of the race who were given a chance to see some of the future show off their skills in the show.

As the Road Begins for Some Pirates, it Ends for Others

This is the natural order of things. Being drafted and signed by a Major League Baseball team means you’re one of the relatively small percentage of people who have been deemed good enough for a team to invest in your raw talent and believe in your makeup enough to trust you’ll take to instruction.

Tucker’s Time Is Running Out

It has been over two years, as far as the calendar is concerned, since the Pirates #5 Prospect at the time, Cole Tucker, stepped into the batters box during his first Major League start and proceeded to walk off the game versus the Giants with a 2-run blast into the PIRATES bushes. Since that timeContinue reading “Tucker’s Time Is Running Out”

Filling The Immediate Hole Left By Frazier’s Absence Wouldn’t Be An Easy Task

This past off-season General Manager Ben Cherington had a decision to make, as he had two candidates for the first base job in Josh Bell and Colin; with him operating under the assumption that the designated hitter would not be in play, which turned out to be correct.. Ultimately, he found a suitor for BellContinue reading “Filling The Immediate Hole Left By Frazier’s Absence Wouldn’t Be An Easy Task”

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 4-12-21

Legitimately good weekend at PNC for the Pirates. Good because of who stepped up to provide the series win against the Cubbies, not just because it happened. See, that’s how we really need to view almost everything the Pirates do this season.

Cole Tucker Needs to Grab 2021 by the Throat and Not Let Go

The Pirates first round selection (24) in the 2014 MLB draft class has a litany of attractive and impressive attributes, but on this team, he’ll quickly find himself out of chances unless he can prove he and his thus far anemic bat belong.