Frequently Asked Pirates Questions. Answered

There was a time when I had time to sit down and seriously try to answer as many reader questions as possible. Oh, I don’t mean things like why is Erik Gonzalez playing first base or why can’t the Pirates just cut Polanco, those are quick and easy. I’m talking about the questions that take more thought and explanation to do them justice.

Relying On The Redbeard

Many things became a lot clearer after Todd Frazier’s opt out, immediately following the news that he been informed by the team he would not be making the Pirates Open Day Roster; one of which being Pittsburgh’s apparent faith in Colin Moran to man the first base position on a more regular basis than mayContinue reading “Relying On The Redbeard”

2020 Season in Review: Best Hitter and Pitcher in Pittsburgh

At the end of the 2020 season, the Baseball Writers Association of America voted for a few awards when it came to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The awards were the Clemente Award, which signifies the Pirates MVP for the whole season, as well as the Steve Blass Award, which is awarded to the best Pirates pitcherContinue reading “2020 Season in Review: Best Hitter and Pitcher in Pittsburgh”

The Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman Of The Present

On the day before Thanksgiving the Pirates made a somewhat surprising decision of designating former 1st Round Pick Will Craig for assignment to make room for Colorado Rookies pitcher Ashton Goudeau. Following these corresponding moves Pittsburgh was left with only two players in contention for the starting First Baseman to begin the 2021 season, whichContinue reading “The Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman Of The Present”

MLB Rules for 2021 are Still Undecided, What Could That Mean for the Pirates?

One thing we have to go on is the league doesn’t plan on starting late, the Pirates are scheduled to start Spring Training games on February 27th in Bradenton. That means you can expect Pitchers and Catchers to report somewhere around the 13th. That’s a little over 4 and a half months from now.