Law Of The Instrument: Will Manfred Bang The Gavel?

In psychology there is a theory that attempts to explain an underlying bias based on the over reliance of a certain tool. This concept is often and easily represented by the saying, “when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail”. From everything I have seen and read about RobContinue reading “Law Of The Instrument: Will Manfred Bang The Gavel?”

The Compassionate Contradiction of Sports Fans

Rarely has anyone with any credibility called for a situation where the players would be asked to be unsafe. We’ve gotten to the point where simply saying you might like to see sports is being panned as insensitive or even dangerous.

Should Pittsburgh be Excited if MLB Lands on 80 Game Season

Friends, I’m not going to relitigate all the plans, ideas, nagging thoughts, proposals and wet dreams of every person involved with MLB and the players union to restart playing the game. First, most of them are crap, worse, unrealistic crap. Second, none of them have threatened happening.

For Some, Disaster Equals Opportunity

A suffering country, filled to the brim with people of all types enduring devastation economically on a scale none of us have ever seen, is going to have a very short fuse for the infighting of Millionaires (real or perceived) vs Billionaires (again, real or perceived).

The Cost Curve is One That Won’t Be Lowered

The price we as a country and for that matter the world will pay as a result of COVID-19 will be heavy. The most obvious being loss of life, no matter how well it is ultimately contained the toll will be too great. Economically much of the world will be crippled, potentially for years to come.