There is Nothing to be Gained from Bad Coaching

No, I’m not going to go ape on Derek Shelton and blast his resume. I’m not going to assume close to 20 games is enough to form fact-based opinion on the capabilities of the man. I will say, so far, he hasn’t done a good job.

Expect the Unexpected with Pirates Lineups

In baseball every fan no matter how involved, from the casual observer to the most ravenous fan, one thing binds us all, lineup opinions. Everyone has their perfect vision of an ideal flow, the players involved and any variations beyond that for specific situations.

The August 31st Trade Deadline

The agreement in principal between MLB and MLBPA yesterday on a safety package for restarting brought plenty of news, poison pills and interesting changes to the game, today we’re going to focus on the trade deadline and what it could mean for our Pittsburgh Pirates.