The Quandary Surrounding Kevin Newman; And The Shortstop Position In General

As I have written, and spoke about multiple times before on Gary Morgan’s Fan Forum-DK Pittsburgh Sports, as well as my own Bucs In The Basement Podcast, I wasn’t completely fooled by Kevin Newman’s Spring Training explosion because of the sheer numbers. Obviously, posting a slash line of .606/.641/.788 with six doubles and zero strikeoutsContinue reading “The Quandary Surrounding Kevin Newman; And The Shortstop Position In General”

Competition is the Real Game Story

During the first inning of yesterday’s ballgame, we were given a glimpse into another reason to largely ignore Spring stats as after 2/3 of an inning and with the Pirates still in business, the Orioles coach called “enough” on his pitcher.

Cole Tucker Needs to Grab 2021 by the Throat and Not Let Go

The Pirates first round selection (24) in the 2014 MLB draft class has a litany of attractive and impressive attributes, but on this team, he’ll quickly find himself out of chances unless he can prove he and his thus far anemic bat belong.

What is the Pirates Plan with Erik Gonzalez?

Let’s be clear, I don’t know, and really, I doubt if Ben Cherington knows with any level of certainty at this moment. So, what I think we can do successfully here is talk about the different paths they could choose using the new information we have from watching some choices the management has made.

Relative Unknowns and Overlooked Role Players: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates

It has been less than nine months since the regime of General Manager Neal Huntington was ushered out the door of the Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office. Since that time a meaningful game of baseball has yet to be played, a truncated Spring Training was followed by an extended layoff and Summer Camps have just recentlyContinue reading “Relative Unknowns and Overlooked Role Players: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates”