Oh What a Feeling! Bell Clobbers Home Run Off a Toyota as Pirates Win 5-1

Josh Bell has looked like anything but the Pirates best player this season for the most part. In fact not two weeks ago he was twitching like cat in a room full of rocking chairs in the box. Suddenly since the road trip began, he is quiet in the box and putting nice swings onContinue reading “Oh What a Feeling! Bell Clobbers Home Run Off a Toyota as Pirates Win 5-1”

Let’s Have a Realistic Pirates Trade Deadline Talk

I know, I know, trade ‘em all, they stink. Maybe in the off season you’ll get your wish, personally I believe what the club will actually do will leave many feeling they didn’t go far enough and many believing they gave away everything.

Cole Tucker, Outfield Prospect?

On Saturday the Pirates GM Ben Cherington confirmed that we weren’t just seeing Cole Tucker shag flies for fun, instead the club plans to give him some time out there and more so this isn’t some long-range project, they plan to use him there soon.

To Trade or Not to Trade, that is the Question

Trades and rumors of trades is almost as much a part of baseball fandom as hot dogs and Cracker Jack. People love to propose them, dissect them and forecast the results, it’s fun and it makes something that typically could be a painful moment as a fan more palatable.

Pirate’s Leadership Sounds Different

The Pirates went through a nearly complete upheaval of the management team after the 2019 season as everyone knows, and they continued that process last week as Ben Cherington cut ties with many front office employees that were extended prior to the ousting of Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly.

The August 31st Trade Deadline

The agreement in principal between MLB and MLBPA yesterday on a safety package for restarting brought plenty of news, poison pills and interesting changes to the game, today we’re going to focus on the trade deadline and what it could mean for our Pittsburgh Pirates.