A Difficult Pirates Payroll Discussion We Just Have to Have

They could and should spend more money, but let’s at least have conversations about what, and where instead of yelling out some number that makes you feel good.

Who Are the Ten Best Pirates Free Agent Signings in the Nutting Era?

Couple of friends of mine on Twitter were talking about how unrealistic the Free Agent signing suggestions are for this club on social media, so I thought, hey, why not come up with the top 10 since Nutting officially took over as owner here in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates Should Do More

I understand what this club is doing, anyone who’s read my work knows that. It’s a rebuild and it really doesn’t matter to me if they say it or not, but it certainly is. I’m sure there are some people out there who hear the team say build instead and are somehow placated but how you could be a Pirates fan and be fooled by that I’ll never know.

The Pirates Say They’d Like a 4th Outfielder

Yesterday Jason Mackey posted a conversation he had with Ben Cherington following the events of the non-tender deadline. If you read my piece yesterday, you probably can understand why I would be interested in what he had to say.

The MLB Free Agent Market, and Ways the Pirates Could Play It

Did you ever fully expect something to happen, then as you watch it unfold you somehow still sit there with your jaw open wondering what’s going on? That’s me right now.