Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 4-12-21

Legitimately good weekend at PNC for the Pirates. Good because of who stepped up to provide the series win against the Cubbies, not just because it happened. See, that’s how we really need to view almost everything the Pirates do this season.

Pulling For Polanco

Ever since he made his Major League Debut for Pittsburgh back on June 10, 2014, at only 22 years old, Gregory Polanco has been one of the more polarizing figures on the Pirates. This mixed perception of Polanco is somewhat due to expectations versus performance, but also partially because of a famous meme of himContinue reading “Pulling For Polanco”

Competition is the Real Game Story

During the first inning of yesterday’s ballgame, we were given a glimpse into another reason to largely ignore Spring stats as after 2/3 of an inning and with the Pirates still in business, the Orioles coach called “enough” on his pitcher.

A Willingness to Work to Improve – Why it Matters that Polanco is Playing Winter Ball

Recently the Pirates mentioned they were pleased that Gregory Polanco agreed to play WInter Ball this off season, for many this was little more than a footnote, but for Gregory it’s both an admission he’s underperformed and a display of good faith that he wants to earn his contract figure.

The Story of Gregory Polanco: How He Got Here and What’s Next

On September 7th of 2018, Gregory Polanco was up at the plate against the Miami Marlins in the 6th inning. He hit a line drive into the right-center field gap that was cut off by the outfielder. Polanco hustled around first and then performed what might be the worst slide in major league history. ThisContinue reading “The Story of Gregory Polanco: How He Got Here and What’s Next”

Pirates, Holland Lose 11-5 as First Innings Looked More Like Home Run Derby

The Pirates and Tigers had a slobber knocker last night putting up a combined 30 runs and wreaking havoc on one another’s bullpens. Today the Pirates sent Derek Holland to the mound hoping for minimally stability while the Tigers countered with old friend Ivan Nova.

Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon

As soon as the announcement was made on Tuesday evening that players had agreed to report to Spring Training 2.0 on July 1st the brains of Major League Baseball fans and media members’ alike immediately went into overdrive. With new rules, health and safety protocols, scheduling, an end to the MLB transaction freeze and impendingContinue reading “Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon”