It Doesn’t Matter if the Pirates Don’t Improve in 2021. Right?

One thing that really hits home when your team reaches the bottom of the food chain in MLB is that they are staring at years of work to become a more relevant team. And if you live in Pittsburgh, chances are you see it as even more unreachable because your owner has never dedicated the money it takes to reach the summit.

A Willingness to Work to Improve – Why it Matters that Polanco is Playing Winter Ball

Recently the Pirates mentioned they were pleased that Gregory Polanco agreed to play WInter Ball this off season, for many this was little more than a footnote, but for Gregory it’s both an admission he’s underperformed and a display of good faith that he wants to earn his contract figure.

Same Pirates Coaching, Largely Same Players, Why Are Some Expecting Different Results?

I mean, that’s at least a stylized definition of insanity, right? I should clarify, I’m someone expecting different results, so I can at least tell you why I think there is room to expect better. Keep in mind, I’m not talking a ton better, but improvement should be the goal and I think it’s attainable.