A Willingness to Work to Improve – Why it Matters that Polanco is Playing Winter Ball

Recently the Pirates mentioned they were pleased that Gregory Polanco agreed to play WInter Ball this off season, for many this was little more than a footnote, but for Gregory it’s both an admission he’s underperformed and a display of good faith that he wants to earn his contract figure.

Nick Burdi Undergoes Second Tommy John Procedure – Out for 2021

Stories like that which Nick Burdi is in the middle of writing happen in baseball all the time, sure most of them probably don’t have the ability to throw a baseball over 100MPH but injuries derail careers before they get started more often than any of us really know.

Let’s Talk Pirates 2021 Starting Rotation

I know, I know, it’s incredibly early for this, but I believe we can do this anyway. Couple reasons, first I feel fairly confident that if they bring in a starter, it won’t be a better option than what is currently here, and on top of that I don’t see the Pirates making a whole lot of moves this off-season to the starting pitching.

Pirates, Holland Lose 11-5 as First Innings Looked More Like Home Run Derby

The Pirates and Tigers had a slobber knocker last night putting up a combined 30 runs and wreaking havoc on one another’s bullpens. Today the Pirates sent Derek Holland to the mound hoping for minimally stability while the Tigers countered with old friend Ivan Nova.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Way back when, somewhere around March in 2019, long before we ever heard about COVID-19 or the extreme effects it would have on every facet of our daily lives, The Pittsburgh Pirates Starting Rotation was supposed to be the strength of the club.