Pirates Development Philosophy on Full Display

I’d imagine both coaches had to blow off some steam after this one. An error filled disaster of a baseball game on both sides of the diamond. So it was an odd night to have Kevin Young in the booth talking about defense and the importance of it in the system.

I Thought The Pirates Were Supposed To Be Stocking The System

Ever since Ben Cherington arrived on the scene as the Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager in November of 2019 he has preached some very similar sounding and typically intertwined organizational philosophies; among them stock piling talent throughout the system and creating competition at every level. Based on this information concerning how the Pirates plan on buildingContinue reading “I Thought The Pirates Were Supposed To Be Stocking The System”

The Boring Nature of System Construction

One of the things the Pirates most needed to do this offseason is also one of the most boring, and it deals with the engine of the machine. The actual Farm Director, scouts, instructors, all in an effort to become more player centric throughout the organization.