Apparently It’s Not All About The Benjamins For Cherington

When I hear general managers from around Major League Baseball talk, I always take much of what they say with a grain of salt; all while trying to read between the lines or concentrating on key words in an attempt to interpret the message they might be trying to convey. Sometimes they give you aContinue reading “Apparently It’s Not All About The Benjamins For Cherington”

Trading Bell Was the Right Move, Even if You Can’t See it Now

The Pirates did the right thing trading Josh Bell to the Washington Nationals, and I know it hurts some of you, hey, I really liked the guy too. That said, the Pirates have a ton of decisions like this that must be made. They don’t all have to end in a trade, but they allContinue reading “Trading Bell Was the Right Move, Even if You Can’t See it Now”

Pirates Trade Rumors, Proposals and the Art of Buzz

Sure, calling the baseball offseason the silly season doesn’t work as well as it used to. There was a time when the flurry of activity and overreaction lined up perfectly with election time but it’s hard to relate the two after what we’ve witnessed in 2020.

Consistency Versus What If

When your team is in the position the Pirates are the first move is often the hardest to make. Just take a little trip through any Facebook group or Twitter conversation and you’ll see opinions ranging from ‘this team is only a couple players away if…’ to ‘this club needs to completely blow it up’.

The Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman Of The Present

On the day before Thanksgiving the Pirates made a somewhat surprising decision of designating former 1st Round Pick Will Craig for assignment to make room for Colorado Rookies pitcher Ashton Goudeau. Following these corresponding moves Pittsburgh was left with only two players in contention for the starting First Baseman to begin the 2021 season, whichContinue reading “The Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman Of The Present”

Where Could Josh Bell Land if the Pirates Want to Deal Him?

Before we get into this too deep, there is a belief that Josh Bell is a better DH option than First Baseman, the evidence is pretty clear if you watch him play everyday but most GMs won’t have that intimacy.

MLB Rules for 2021 are Still Undecided, What Could That Mean for the Pirates?

One thing we have to go on is the league doesn’t plan on starting late, the Pirates are scheduled to start Spring Training games on February 27th in Bradenton. That means you can expect Pitchers and Catchers to report somewhere around the 13th. That’s a little over 4 and a half months from now.