Relative Unknowns and Overlooked Role Players: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates

It has been less than nine months since the regime of General Manager Neal Huntington was ushered out the door of the Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office. Since that time a meaningful game of baseball has yet to be played, a truncated Spring Training was followed by an extended layoff and Summer Camps have just recentlyContinue reading “Relative Unknowns and Overlooked Role Players: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates”

Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon

As soon as the announcement was made on Tuesday evening that players had agreed to report to Spring Training 2.0 on July 1st the brains of Major League Baseball fans and media members’ alike immediately went into overdrive. With new rules, health and safety protocols, scheduling, an end to the MLB transaction freeze and impendingContinue reading “Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon”