No Holds, or Moves Barred for the Pirates

When they say all options are on the table, they weren’t kidding and it’s not just the trades, it’s the international signings, the waiver pick ups, the Rule 5 pick ups and soon, yes it could also be extensions.

2020 Season in Review: Best Hitter and Pitcher in Pittsburgh

At the end of the 2020 season, the Baseball Writers Association of America voted for a few awards when it came to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The awards were the Clemente Award, which signifies the Pirates MVP for the whole season, as well as the Steve Blass Award, which is awarded to the best Pirates pitcherContinue reading “2020 Season in Review: Best Hitter and Pitcher in Pittsburgh”

Looking Toward The Off-Season and Beyond

With the quick turnaround from a Wednesday night game to a Thursday matinee, my mind has been on the Pirates a little bit more than usual; which is really saying something because if you ask my wife I rarely take the opportunity to rest and recharge when it comes to the Buccos. Most of thisContinue reading “Looking Toward The Off-Season and Beyond”

The Future of Ke’Bryan Hayes

We are only one game into the Major League Career of Ke’Bryan Hayes and the Pirates fanbase is already captivated by the potential of this young man; crowning him the third basemen of the future and the cornerstone of the build that first year General Manager Ben Cherington has spoken so much about since takingContinue reading “The Future of Ke’Bryan Hayes”

All Aboard The HOPE Train: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates

As players begin to filter into Spring Training 2.0/Summer Camp/MLB “The Re-Mix”, bloggers and media members alike have taken to giving Pittsburgh Pirates Fans something very similar to grasp onto…HOPE. Hope that Ke’Bryan Hayes will be standing at third base when the season begins, hope that one or more free agents will be headed toContinue reading “All Aboard The HOPE Train: The 2020 Pittsburgh Pirates”

Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon

As soon as the announcement was made on Tuesday evening that players had agreed to report to Spring Training 2.0 on July 1st the brains of Major League Baseball fans and media members’ alike immediately went into overdrive. With new rules, health and safety protocols, scheduling, an end to the MLB transaction freeze and impendingContinue reading “Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon”

Who’s Got The Tools?

Each prospect gets a grade for their “tools” and the Pittsburgh Pirates Top 30 are no different. Anyone that has ever studied MLB prospects, even for a second, sees the tool grades front and center. It gives you a snapshot of skills that each player possesses; a guideline to judge them by if you will.Continue reading “Who’s Got The Tools?”