Making A Call To The Pen

Last year, every time then Manager Clint Hurdle would reach for the bullpen phone in the dugout it was almost always a total crapshoot as to which pitcher, and more likely which version of each particular pitcher, would rise from his chair to begin warming up on the mound. In a season of inconsistencies, injuries,Continue reading “Making A Call To The Pen”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel

Merriam-Webster’s defines a freak of nature as a person or thing that is very unusual or abnormal. In many situations this could potentially be seen as a negative, except when it comes to sports. In the sports world a freak of nature or athletic freak has attention showered on them, is celebrated at times andContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel”

xERA:The Lost Metric

Imagine working on something so hard for months and possibly years, only to have unveiled at a time when no one is paying attention. As most of you probably know by now, I am a pretty big “stats nerd” and spend a lot of my time in the Nerd Cave, compiling and comparing MLB playersContinue reading “xERA:The Lost Metric”