Progression, Regression and Stagnation: 2020 Pirates Player Projections

Each year before a season begins there are expectations; for the organization as a whole, for the team and especially for the individual players on the field. We try to predict a direction or a path for the future; sometimes based on numbers and patterns, but often it is rooted in emotion, a gut instinctContinue reading “Progression, Regression and Stagnation: 2020 Pirates Player Projections”

Making A Call To The Pen

Last year, every time then Manager Clint Hurdle would reach for the bullpen phone in the dugout it was almost always a total crapshoot as to which pitcher, and more likely which version of each particular pitcher, would rise from his chair to begin warming up on the mound. In a season of inconsistencies, injuries,Continue reading “Making A Call To The Pen”