What if the Pirates Do Nothing?

I can’t see this happening, but the longer the offseason progresses with no moves of significance the more plausible it becomes. Today, let’s spend some time living in a world where the club kicks the can down the road, at least to the trade deadline and see if we can make sense of how it might play out.

Expect the Unexpected with Pirates Lineups

In baseball every fan no matter how involved, from the casual observer to the most ravenous fan, one thing binds us all, lineup opinions. Everyone has their perfect vision of an ideal flow, the players involved and any variations beyond that for specific situations.

Let’s Build the Pirates Lineup

This season the Pirates along with all their National League friends will be building lineups differently. They have a new factor, the DH. Sure, they’ve all dealt with it as interleague play has been around for some time but planning for more than 3 games with one is much different than knowing it’s here all season.