Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Indianapolis Indians

There is freedom withinThere is freedom withoutTry to catch the deluge in a paper cupThere’s a battle aheadMany battles are lostBut you’ll never see the end of the roadWhile you’re travelling with me It is truly a Crowded House in the Circle City. There were always going to be players that were sent down toContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Indianapolis Indians”

Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Spring Training Impact

2-28-23 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Many times, when a prospect enters Spring Training there is little to no chance that they will come north with the Big League Club; often taking the detour along I-70 West, on their way to Indianapolis. In some cases this decision is made before anyone evenContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Spring Training Impact”

Top 5 Pirates Prospects: NRIs

When I first read the NRI list-and thought about writing this blog post-I started a list that looked much like the previous Top 5s from previous weeks; as in containing almost all the same familiar names. But then it dawned on me, that there were almost more surprises on the list than guys I expectedContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: NRIs”

Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Power Bats

I absolutely love it when people act like a prospect came out of nowhere. Sure, he might not have had the attention and/or the same prospect ranking as others, but it’s not like he was invisible either. Can we really pretend like a player that was drafted in the 2nd round out of a BigContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Power Bats”

Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Peaking My Interest

1/10/23 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Anytime I choose to write about, or have a podcast focusing on prospects, there is a contingent within the Pirates Fanbase that will always get themselves into a tizzy; incorrectly implying that I am guaranteeing success from each and every player I mention. As a self-appointedContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Peaking My Interest”

Figuring Out The Pirates 40-Man: Who’s Safe And Who Might Not Be

Do you hear that sound? It’s the keyboards pounding, teeth gnashing, alerts sounding, pages refreshing as Pittsburgh Pirates Fans furious debate the official opening of the team’s off-season.