Through The Prospect Porthole: Potentially Held Up In Altoona

12-23-21 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Recently, the chatter on Pittsburgh Pirates Social Media has been filled with discussions concerning the development of the team’s players; especially when it comes to prospects in the Minor Leagues. Obviously one main reason for this trend is that with the MLB Lockout in place allContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: Potentially Held Up In Altoona”

Matthew Fraizer Continues To Mash In Altoona

Baker Bowl (aka National League Park, Philadelphia Park or Philadelphia Base Ball Grounds/Park) was home to the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League from April 30, 1887 until it closed its gates on June 30, 1938. Unofficially though, many used the term “Bandbox”-a compact cardboard box designed to hold a hat-to describe the stadium, whereContinue reading “Matthew Fraizer Continues To Mash In Altoona”