Top 10 Prospects in Order of Expected 2023 Impact

This week, Baseball America released a new top 10 prospects for the Pirates. These lists always get conversation going, but to me, a lot of people kinda misunderstand what these lists are.

The Pirates Will Add 3 or 4 More MLB Players This Off Season – Opinion

Listen, most of the time I won’t overtly write “opinion” right in the headline, but considering the team I cover and how unusual it is to have an opinion like this, I felt the need to make sure I spell it out.

Understanding This Offseason – Why to Add, Where to Add, and Pirates Team Goals

I’m seeing quite a few people struggling to understand what the Pirates are doing this offseason. For one thing, it requires a bit of nuance, something sorely lacking on social media, and further, it requires a fan base who have had prospects presented to them as the second coming over and over for 3 years to understand, some of them just aren’t ready.

Solve the Position: The Pirates First Base Story in 2023 Continues with Carlos Santana

News broke this evening that the Pittsburgh Pirates are in agreement with 36 year old switch hitting 1B/DH Carlos Santana. A one year deal worth 6.725 Million dollars and setting up a competition for playing time with Ji-man Choi who was acquired earlier from the Tampa Bay Rays.