Hunter Stratton Is Rule 5 Eligible…Again

9-6-21 By Craig W. Toth (aka @bucsbasement on Twitter) Ever since the most recent trade deadline, and in some cases a little before that, Pirates Fans have realized the first 40-Man Roster Crunch of General Manager Ben Cherington is quickly approaching; with many decisions to be made concerning player currently on the roster, as wellContinue reading “Hunter Stratton Is Rule 5 Eligible…Again”

Jackson Glenn Is Looking Like A Steal

Each year in the MLB Draft there are what seems like an infinite number of under-slot value signing by players that could have potentially gone undrafted, but are often leveraged into accepting extremely low bonuses due to this assertion as well as their status in the draft class-most frequently college seniors. This practice has becomeContinue reading “Jackson Glenn Is Looking Like A Steal”

Catching Up (Pun Intended) On A Few Recent Acquisitions At A Pretty Important Position

Over the past few day I have spent a decent amount of time perusing the annals of Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects dating all the way back to about 1983; mostly focusing on catchers, as General Manager Ben Cherington has apparently made it a mission within his overall rebuilding of the Farm System to bring in someContinue reading “Catching Up (Pun Intended) On A Few Recent Acquisitions At A Pretty Important Position”

Cal Mitchell Could Help Lead The Next Wave Of Outfielders Into PNC

Back in early August of 2019 I had the opportunity to make the 86 mile, 1 hour and 30 minute trek down to Charlotte Sports Park-Home of the Tampa Bay Rays Class-A Affiliate at the time, the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs-to see the #1 Prospect in all of MiLB, Wander Franco, take the field. HisContinue reading “Cal Mitchell Could Help Lead The Next Wave Of Outfielders Into PNC”

Punished Because Of Position-Jared Triolo

8-25-21 By Craig W. Toth (aka @bucsbasement on Twitter Almost two weeks after he signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates out of Houston University for the full slot value-$870,700-associated with him being the 72nd Overall Pick (Competitive Balance Round B), Jared Triolo dug into the box on a sweltering Sunday afternoon at Monongalia County Ballpark inContinue reading “Punished Because Of Position-Jared Triolo”

Diego Castillo Has Seamlessly Transitioned Between Organizations

Almost a month ago at this point, General Manager Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates made one of the more surprising trades surrounding the impending deadline; exchanging the services of Clay Holmes to the Yankees for a pair of intriguing prospects-the first of whom Pirates Fans have gotten a first hand look at, in theContinue reading “Diego Castillo Has Seamlessly Transitioned Between Organizations”

Logan Hofmann Is Prime For A Promotion

8-19-21 By Craig W. Toth (aka @bucsbasement on Twitter) It has been over a year since Logan Hofmann was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 5th Round (138th Overall) and almost 10 months since I first heard from him and ultimately wrote about his journey; from the small town of Muenster, Saskatchewan (population 430)Continue reading “Logan Hofmann Is Prime For A Promotion”

The Pandora’s Box Of Pirates Roster Projections

Pandora’s Box is a relic from Greek Mythology that when opened, released sickness, death and other unspeakable evils into the world. As the story goes, the act of opening what was in reality a jar-not a box-happened because Pandora herself was curious as to the contents contained inside. Of course when she realized exactly whatContinue reading “The Pandora’s Box Of Pirates Roster Projections”

Matthew Fraizer Continues To Mash In Altoona

Baker Bowl (aka National League Park, Philadelphia Park or Philadelphia Base Ball Grounds/Park) was home to the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League from April 30, 1887 until it closed its gates on June 30, 1938. Unofficially though, many used the term “Bandbox”-a compact cardboard box designed to hold a hat-to describe the stadium, whereContinue reading “Matthew Fraizer Continues To Mash In Altoona”

Facing The Challenges Of Promotion Head-On – Blake Sabol

8-11-2021 By Craig W. Toth (aka @bucsbasement on Twitter) For the past month or so, and possibly longer, Pirates Fans have been clamoring for a number of players in Pittsburgh’s Farm System to be promoted up the ladder to the next level; bringing them noticeably closer at times to the day when they could findContinue reading “Facing The Challenges Of Promotion Head-On – Blake Sabol”