Forecasting the Immediate Futures in the NL Central: AKA, Know Your Enemies

I asked on Twitter if any of you would have interest in seeing how the NL Central is going to take shape over the next several seasons. A whole bunch of you said yes, so here it is.

Brewers Defeat Pirates 9-0, Luis Oviedo Rocked in First MLB Start

I mean, if you don’t score you can’t win. That said, if you give up 8 runs in two innings after the team has watched two, then three, then two, well still kinda three players moved in three days time, it’s not surprising not many looked like they were feeling it.

Pirates Ship Continues To Take On Water As Record Falls to 29-53

7-3-21 By Craig W. Toth @BucsBasement on Twitter Prior to the start of the season Cody Ponce was poised to at least compete for a spot in the rotation, or at the very least a place in the bullpen after his performance during 2020, where he was regularly used as the extra body in doubleheaders;Continue reading “Pirates Ship Continues To Take On Water As Record Falls to 29-53”