The 2020 MLB Amateur Draft: The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 2 Picks

In an agreement between Major League Baseball (aka Rob Manfred) and the MLB Players Association (aka Tony Clark) a compromise was reached concerning the 2020 “June” Amateur Draft. This arrangement allows Manfred to move the draft back to as late as July 20th, to cut the number of rounds from 40 to as little asContinue reading “The 2020 MLB Amateur Draft: The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 2 Picks”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Colin Selby

For a Major League Baseball team to be successful in each years June Amateur Draft they not only have to “hit” on the early draft picks, but also do deep dives to discover hidden gems as you move past the top 5 to 10 rounds. Sometimes these searches take you to places that have onlyContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Colin Selby”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Sergio Campana

Last week I took a trip to the Dominican Summer League and found a freak of nature, Shendrik Apostel. This young man sets himself apart from others by his size and power. While I was down there another athletic freak caught my eye, but this time it was due to his speed and defense prowess.Continue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Sergio Campana”

My Letter to Rob Manfred: One Man’s Plea

Dear Rob, I know that you have been very busy over the past couple of week, so I hope you can find some time to read this. I am just an average baseball fan, with no real motivation to write you other than the fact that I miss the game and only want you toContinue reading “My Letter to Rob Manfred: One Man’s Plea”

The Battle To “Save” Baseball

How many of you have ever been in a fight with someone? I am not limiting the answer to this to a question strictly about physical altercations. This isn’t the same thing as have you ever taken a punch? It could have been argument with a friend, teacher, co-worker, loved one or even stranger. IContinue reading “The Battle To “Save” Baseball”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel

Merriam-Webster’s defines a freak of nature as a person or thing that is very unusual or abnormal. In many situations this could potentially be seen as a negative, except when it comes to sports. In the sports world a freak of nature or athletic freak has attention showered on them, is celebrated at times andContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Shendrik Apostel”

Through the Prospect Porthole: Bear Bellomy

In my article yesterday I discussed the disparity that can often exist between natural talent and mental toughness, especially as it pertains to pitching prospects within the Pittsburgh Pirates Farm System. Former Bristol Pirates Pitching Coach Eric Minshall talked about the fact that many times players with natural talent have their growth stunted or theirContinue reading “Through the Prospect Porthole: Bear Bellomy”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Yerry De Los Santos

When players are injured, especially early on in their professional careers, they often get lost in the shuffle; long forgotten by even the most avid prospect junkie. For some they fade to obscurity, never to be heard from again, while others burst back onto the scene and make us remember the potential that existed whenContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Yerry De Los Santos”

Worth The Gamble

Every night at 7 PM no matter what was going on, my Grandparents’ television had to be tuned into the Pennsylvania Lottery to see if they won the daily number drawing and almost every time they came up empty handed. There would be conversations about how they were one number off or it was aContinue reading “Worth The Gamble”

MLB Suspension of Play Has Shined A Light on a Long-Buried Issue – MiLB Pay

The average salary for most MiLB players sits around 12,500 dollars a year. The lowest level players will earn somewhere in the 300 dollars a week range.