Five Thoughts At Five: Moments In Time

Over the last few months my feelings toward Major League Baseball have gone through what feels like a journey through the 5 Stages of Grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. With what appears to be no end in sight to the negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA, I look back on the last monthContinue reading “Five Thoughts At Five: Moments In Time”

Draft Day Two Roundup: Ben Cherington’s Plan

Prior to the second day of the 2020 MLB June Amateur Draft prognosticators such as myself were predicting picks from all over the board and field. However, GMBC and company had only one goal in mind; keep your eye on the prize(s) and shoot straight down the middle. It came as a shock to someContinue reading “Draft Day Two Roundup: Ben Cherington’s Plan”

The MLB Draft:Day Two

Originally my blueprint for the second day of the draft went a little something like this: Second Round (44th Pick)  Plan A: Alika Williams (SS)-Arizona State Plan B: Logan Allen (LHP)-Florida International  Plan C: Drew Romo (C)-The Woodlands (TX) Plan D: Sam Weatherly (LHP)-Clemson Plan E: Daniel Susac (C)-Jesuit (CA) However, with Alika Williams going toContinue reading “The MLB Draft:Day Two”

The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks

From all of the reports and analysis I read leading up to the draft it seemed pretty clear that GMBC and his team were going to be leaning toward the college route, at least as it pertained to the first two or three picks. This led me to believe that within these selections the PiratesContinue reading “The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks”

It’s Draft Day

After months and months of studying hundreds of scouting reports, watching countless videos, having some great conversations, writing multiple articles, jotting down mock drafts on the note pad beside my computer and pretty much thinking about it at all hours of the day and night, it is finally almost here; tonight the MLB June AmateurContinue reading “It’s Draft Day”

National League Central Division Draft Preview

The draft approaches this week, and for many of us it will offer a welcome respite from the day to day will they, won’t they game MLB has put us through. We’ll discuss of course what the Pirates do at length, but we also want to make sure we keep an eye on what our NL Central foes have on tap.

A Little Draft Discussion

On Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of sitting down with Keanan Lamb, Senior MLB Draft Writer from Baseball Prospectus, to have a conversation about the Pittsburgh Pirates top 3 picks in this week’s MLB June Amateur Draft and the way that the it could ultimately unfold in front of us. As a novice inContinue reading “A Little Draft Discussion”

The Draft Board Begins to Take Shape: One Week To Go

From the time I wrote my first article on the MLB June Amateur Draft back in the middle of April until my most recent Rough Draft, a lot has changed concerning the landscape of baseball in general and the draft we have come to know and love did not escape wrecking ball completely. This hasContinue reading “The Draft Board Begins to Take Shape: One Week To Go”

A Tale of Two Tuckers

It was a humid afternoon/evening at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday April 20, 2019 and rain clouds were on the horizon. Pirates #5 Prospect, Cole Tucker, had just been called up to the majors and would be getting his first big league start thanks in part to a mid-game collision between starting shortstop,Continue reading “A Tale of Two Tuckers”