The Pirates Mix In A Couple Of Potential Tough To Sign Picks On Day Three

Even before the selections started rolling out on Day Three of the MLB Draft, Rounds 11 through 20, I noticed that I was on the same wavelength as many of the Pirates Fans I was interacting with; as we all knew the slot restrictions of the first 10 rounds were now off the table andContinue reading “The Pirates Mix In A Couple Of Potential Tough To Sign Picks On Day Three”

The Pirates Start A Little First Round Shake Up By Selecting Henry Davis

7-11-21 – By Craig Toth In the days leading up to the MLB Draft it seemed very likely, according to experts and amateurs alike, that Marcelo Mayer would come off the board first for your Pittsburgh Pirates. Other mentioned options included Jack Leiter, Jordan Lawlar, Khalil Watson and one Henry Davis. As we all knowContinue reading “The Pirates Start A Little First Round Shake Up By Selecting Henry Davis”

The Pirates Draft: Beyond The 1:1

Not surprisingly most of the Pirates MLB Draft Discussion has surrounded who General Manager Ben Cherington and Pittsburgh will select with the First Overall Pick; mostly due to the contrast between people who think a high school shortstop is a wasted selection, those who believe Jack Leiter is an organizational changing player, groups who wantContinue reading “The Pirates Draft: Beyond The 1:1”

MLB Draft Deep Dive: Utilizing Sim Scores for Player Comparisons – Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd came to me with this idea, I was immediately excited to see how he handled it. What he’s done here is provide you with all the logic behind his comps, then give you a league comparison and a Pirates comparison for each of the projected top draft picks this year. Super cool stuff here from Joe, enjoy! – Gary

Time for the MLB Draft to Evolve

You know, it’s really hard to get excited for the MLB draft. I mean this season the Pirates have the number one overall and I bet even that will only prompt real nuts die hands to watch. It’s not an event, little drama, the athlete’s stories are often pretty vanilla, and you know for damnContinue reading “Time for the MLB Draft to Evolve”

The Pirates MLB Draft Conversation

Back in June of 2020, just days before the last MLB draft-held in the absence of a decision concerning how long the season would be, or if their would actually be a season at all-I began to see #TankForKumar trending on Twitter. As an avid College Baseball Fan-Let’s Go Eers!-, I obviously knew who KumarContinue reading “The Pirates MLB Draft Conversation”

Five Thoughts At Five: Moments In Time

Over the last few months my feelings toward Major League Baseball have gone through what feels like a journey through the 5 Stages of Grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. With what appears to be no end in sight to the negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA, I look back on the last monthContinue reading “Five Thoughts At Five: Moments In Time”

Draft Day Two Roundup: Ben Cherington’s Plan

Prior to the second day of the 2020 MLB June Amateur Draft prognosticators such as myself were predicting picks from all over the board and field. However, GMBC and company had only one goal in mind; keep your eye on the prize(s) and shoot straight down the middle. It came as a shock to someContinue reading “Draft Day Two Roundup: Ben Cherington’s Plan”

The MLB Draft:Day Two

Originally my blueprint for the second day of the draft went a little something like this: Second Round (44th Pick)  Plan A: Alika Williams (SS)-Arizona State Plan B: Logan Allen (LHP)-Florida International  Plan C: Drew Romo (C)-The Woodlands (TX) Plan D: Sam Weatherly (LHP)-Clemson Plan E: Daniel Susac (C)-Jesuit (CA) However, with Alika Williams going toContinue reading “The MLB Draft:Day Two”

The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks

From all of the reports and analysis I read leading up to the draft it seemed pretty clear that GMBC and his team were going to be leaning toward the college route, at least as it pertained to the first two or three picks. This led me to believe that within these selections the PiratesContinue reading “The Ben Cherington Era Begins: The Pittsburgh Pirates First Two Picks”