No Deal. MLB & MLBPA Remain Deeply Divided

I always try to simplify this stuff for you, and tonight will be no different, but simplifying the stances isn’t the same as pretending the solutions are simple.

As MLB’s Deadline Approaches, Why Can’t They Just Come Together?

Today let’s talk about the CBA negotiations in a different way. Not a wall of numbers, but in an effort to understand some of the issues.

Ten Months and Six Days – The Story of How One League Saved Itself

I hear so many of you tell me that MLB will never have a salary cap because the MLBPA is “the most powerful union” in the country. You’re right, there is just about no scenario that brings about a salary cap without great pain and loss. But…

Maybe Now is the Time

We are soon to see whether the players union is willing to play or not. No, not on the field, in the negotiation room. The owners are prepared to send a formal proposal to the players for restarting the season, and while we’ve all read proposals, some bordering on silly, the formal presentation process typically signifies a real proposal that the owners really think has legs.

Friday Focus – Is the Cap Itself a Casualty?

Three of America’s four major sports leagues have a salary cap in place, MLB of course being the outlier. If you’ve read my work for a while now you are no doubt aware how I feel about that, but just in case, I think a salary cap is needed to even the playing field in MLB and not just for the Pirates.

For Some, Disaster Equals Opportunity

A suffering country, filled to the brim with people of all types enduring devastation economically on a scale none of us have ever seen, is going to have a very short fuse for the infighting of Millionaires (real or perceived) vs Billionaires (again, real or perceived).