Living In The Past: From Archer To Walker

Back on the evening of Halloween 2020, the Pirates declined Chris Archer’s $11 million option for 2021; choosing instead to buyout his contract for $250,000, immediately making him a free agent and seemingly bringing an end to the often criticized trade that sent Tyler Glasnow, Austin Meadows and Shane Baz to the Rays in exchangeContinue reading “Living In The Past: From Archer To Walker”

Passing It On: The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates

If I randomly polled Pittsburgh Pirates fans in my general age group as to the pinnacle of their fandom, the vast majority of them would more than likely recall the magical night of the Pirates Wild Card/“Blackout” Game versus the Reds on October 1, 2013. Believe me that is definitely up there and I can’tContinue reading “Passing It On: The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates”