Know Your Enemies – Preseason Edition

This piece represents volume 1 of a monthly series that focuses on how the Pirates competition in the NL Central is trending. Both from a prospect development and MLB product standpoint. Knowing where your team is headed, at least partially is about where your division mates are headed. Corey’s attention to detail on this stuff I think you’ll find intriguing. Enjoy!

Forecasting the Immediate Futures in the NL Central: AKA, Know Your Enemies

I asked on Twitter if any of you would have interest in seeing how the NL Central is going to take shape over the next several seasons. A whole bunch of you said yes, so here it is.

Opening Day Has Arrived: 2020 Pirate Projections and A Little Cardinals Preview

Anytime the Pirates have been competitive in recent memory, it seems like it has always been the St. Louis Cardinals standing in their way. For three straight seasons (2013-15) it was the team from the Gateway City that kept the Pirates from a NL Central Division Title, which could have let them avoid the WildContinue reading “Opening Day Has Arrived: 2020 Pirate Projections and A Little Cardinals Preview”

National League Central Division Draft Preview

The draft approaches this week, and for many of us it will offer a welcome respite from the day to day will they, won’t they game MLB has put us through. We’ll discuss of course what the Pirates do at length, but we also want to make sure we keep an eye on what our NL Central foes have on tap.

From The Crows Nest: The Chicago Cubs Farm System

The once highly touted Chicago Cubs Farm System of the early to mid 2010’s has fallen from grace and is currently ranked in the bottom third of the league in every experts’ opinions, landing at #23 according to MLB Pipeline. I have even seen them as low as 29th on one list. This is hardContinue reading “From The Crows Nest: The Chicago Cubs Farm System”