Oneil Cruz Finally Debuted For The Pirates On Saturday Night

10-4-21 By Craig W. Toth (aka @bucsbasement on Twitter) Clearly, in the eyes of many Pirates Fans, the most exciting aspect of the Pittsburgh Pirates final series of the season was the debut of their tallest position player in team history, 6’7” shortstop Oneil Cruz. Once the news of his promotion dropped on Friday night,Continue reading “Oneil Cruz Finally Debuted For The Pirates On Saturday Night”

The Push is Officially Close Enough to Feel for Pirates Players

When a baseball franchise finally gets to the point where real talent, the threatening kind, is right there on the doorstep, and the club they play for has just about zero financial commitment for the foreseeable future, well, it hits different.

The Quandary Surrounding Kevin Newman; And The Shortstop Position In General

As I have written, and spoke about multiple times before on Gary Morgan’s Fan Forum-DK Pittsburgh Sports, as well as my own Bucs In The Basement Podcast, I wasn’t completely fooled by Kevin Newman’s Spring Training explosion because of the sheer numbers. Obviously, posting a slash line of .606/.641/.788 with six doubles and zero strikeoutsContinue reading “The Quandary Surrounding Kevin Newman; And The Shortstop Position In General”

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 4-12-21

Legitimately good weekend at PNC for the Pirates. Good because of who stepped up to provide the series win against the Cubbies, not just because it happened. See, that’s how we really need to view almost everything the Pirates do this season.

Cole Tucker Needs to Grab 2021 by the Throat and Not Let Go

The Pirates first round selection (24) in the 2014 MLB draft class has a litany of attractive and impressive attributes, but on this team, he’ll quickly find himself out of chances unless he can prove he and his thus far anemic bat belong.

Pirates Expect Oneil Cruz Back for Spring Training

Ben Cherington just reiterated yesterday in interviews with the media that he has no reason to believe Cruz will be anything less than a full participant come Spring Training and the club has no sense that this was anything more than a tragic accident.

Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon

As soon as the announcement was made on Tuesday evening that players had agreed to report to Spring Training 2.0 on July 1st the brains of Major League Baseball fans and media members’ alike immediately went into overdrive. With new rules, health and safety protocols, scheduling, an end to the MLB transaction freeze and impendingContinue reading “Roster Construction: Thoughtful Planning Versus Reckless Abandon”

Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates

For quite a few years, 13 to 14 by my estimation, there has always been a clear heir apparent who would tasked with the duty of patrolling centerfield at aaa for the Pittsburgh Pirates. As Chris Duffy, and at times Rajai Davis, were taking turns trying to hold down the middle of the outfield inContinue reading “Open Auditions Being Held: The Future Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates”