Passing It On: The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates

If I randomly polled Pittsburgh Pirates fans in my general age group as to the pinnacle of their fandom, the vast majority of them would more than likely recall the magical night of the Pirates Wild Card/“Blackout” Game versus the Reds on October 1, 2013. Believe me that is definitely up there and I can’tContinue reading “Passing It On: The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates”

One Magical Night: The Pirates 2013 Wild Card Game

A lot has been written about this particular game over the past few days; especially after AT&T Sports Net’s airing of the game for all to see on Tuesday Night and the subsequent showing of the game on MLB’s #OpeningDayAtHome Thursday Morning on @MLB Las Mayores and Twitter. Hell, the Pirates even have a linkContinue reading “One Magical Night: The Pirates 2013 Wild Card Game”