The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th

Over the past few weeks, days and months I have realized a couple of things; social media is mostly one big giant misperception when it comes to the 2021 MLB Amateur Draft and the majority of people commenting have never watched a college baseball game in their entire lives. People regularly see a 30 secondContinue reading “The MLB Draft Isn’t Until July 11th”

A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC

There are only three things in life that have become near certainties; death, taxes and a Pirates pitcher giving up a homer in the opening frame. Keeping in line with this train of thought, Tyler Anderson served up a dead center dinger in the top of the first to Kris Bryant; giving the Cubbies aContinue reading “A Disappointing Pirates Return To PNC”

The Simplest Answer

As a eighteen year old kid, straight out of the sticks, I sat down in my 8 AM college Theology course ready to be instilled with the education my parents honestly paid way too much for; probably a little hungover, or at least extremely tired from a some late night GoldenEye. Suddenly my professor beganContinue reading “The Simplest Answer”

Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack

Prior to the second game, of a three series at Great American Small Park, the announcement of Gregory Polanco being on the bench with Phillip Evans in his place brought exuberant applause from many a Pirates Fan; and in all honestly how could you blame them after his 1 for 14 start to the season.Continue reading “Pirates Can’t Fend Off The Reds Attack”

Pirates Sunk By A Couple Of Cubs Home Runs

In his Pittsburgh Pirates debut lefty Tyler Anderson pitched pretty much as expected, not great and not terrible, as he allowed three runs in five full innings on five hits; which could have easily been more thanks to two more errors from a pair of Pirates, including Adam Frazier’s second in as many games. AndersonContinue reading “Pirates Sunk By A Couple Of Cubs Home Runs”

The Pirates Take Down The Cubs On A Kuhl Day In Chicago

The Pittsburgh Pirates bats were hot in Spring Training; and it was the hope, no matter how unrealistic it was perceived, that this would continue. In my season preview I even called for them to help out Chad Kuhl in the top of the first by putting some runs on the board, which is exactlyContinue reading “The Pirates Take Down The Cubs On A Kuhl Day In Chicago”

A 2021 Pirates Prediction Piece, With A Little Look Back

2020 is a year, and a baseball season, that many Pirates Fans would probably like to forget; and actually some players like Bryan Reynolds, Kevin Newman and Gregory Polanco might not mind if it were erased from memory as well. After waiting almost four long months for Opening Day to arrive, fans were treated toContinue reading “A 2021 Pirates Prediction Piece, With A Little Look Back”

Pulling For Polanco

Ever since he made his Major League Debut for Pittsburgh back on June 10, 2014, at only 22 years old, Gregory Polanco has been one of the more polarizing figures on the Pirates. This mixed perception of Polanco is somewhat due to expectations versus performance, but also partially because of a famous meme of himContinue reading “Pulling For Polanco”

What Does 2021 Have in Store for Michael Feliz?

The last two articles I’ve written have been about a pair of pickups that the Pirates gave up virtually nothing for. Today’s going to be a little bit different, as I’ll be previewing a pitcher that the Pirates had to give up a player currently under a $36 million-a-year contract to get. Michael Feliz isContinue reading “What Does 2021 Have in Store for Michael Feliz?”

Relying On The Redbeard

Many things became a lot clearer after Todd Frazier’s opt out, immediately following the news that he been informed by the team he would not be making the Pirates Open Day Roster; one of which being Pittsburgh’s apparent faith in Colin Moran to man the first base position on a more regular basis than mayContinue reading “Relying On The Redbeard”