Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Ugly moments like that, yup, gonna happen. There will be nice moments too, and while those tend to be easier to forget when the overall picture is gross, I still tend to enjoy them, as I’m sure most of you do.

Growing Pains & Reality Checks; Before the Pirates Add Another Top Prospect

The Pirates who just experienced the highs that youth can provide in sweeping the Dodgers out in LA, are now experiencing the other side of that coin as they face the Braves in Atlanta.

Pirates Winning More Than Expected We think an infield is coming together, with an unlikely fit at 1B. The team that picked up Cole Tucker should tell fans that other teams operate similarly to the Pirates. And Craig explains that his frustration with Ben Cherington is because he makes the same mistakes. Craig Toth covers the Pirates for Inside TheContinue reading “Pirates Winning More Than Expected”

Top 5 Pirates Prospect Performers

6-7-2022 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning’s end If you are under the age of 45, chances are at least one of your nights out has been wrapped up with by the preceding phrase. That or you are a fan of the The Office, andContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospect Performers”

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

It was never about identifying a few guys and claiming everything would change when they got here, instead it was about identifying that there were simply too many guys timing up that the team wouldn’t find at least a few who made it up here and started changing everything.

What Used to Be Easy, Now Requires Thought

Now things like effort mean almost as much as numbers. This is simply going to be fun, already is. Enjoy it, because from here on out, this whole thing changes. Let’s talk about building a team, instead of pretending this franchise is ever going to buy one.

Top 15 Prospect Update

6-1-22 By Justin Verno (aka @JV_PITT on Twitter) Before I get this started, I have a question: why do fans actively root against their own prospects? Since I’ve been giving these updates, I’ve seen fans root against a lot of them. Nick Gonzales is a big one. Also Oneil Cruz. I’ve seen guys pit QuinnContinue reading “Top 15 Prospect Update”