Figuring Out The Pirates 40-Man: Who’s Safe And Who Might Not Be

Do you hear that sound? It’s the keyboards pounding, teeth gnashing, alerts sounding, pages refreshing as Pittsburgh Pirates Fans furious debate the official opening of the team’s off-season.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Busy week, both for me and baseball. The World Series just wrapped up with Houston grabbing another title, and with the last out came the official start of the offseason. In fact, would you believe we’ve already had our first offseason trade?

Each Positions Most Realistic Option(s) For The 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates…And Beyond

(AKA The Pirates Depth Chart: A Living and Breathing Off-Season Outline) 11/5/22 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) It’s tough to not get too deep into the weeds with roster projections, free agent options and potential trade partners during the off-season. Yet, it is truly something that must be resisted; especially as theContinue reading “Each Positions Most Realistic Option(s) For The 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates…And Beyond”

Trouble With the Learning Curve

11-4-22 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter When you’re building a team, and doing so internally to a large degree, it’s key that the jump from Minor League ball to MLB ball is as seamless as possible. There are a ton of factors that youngsters struggle with when they make the jump. PitchersContinue reading “Trouble With the Learning Curve”

Pirates Must Create More Competition With realistic openings for MLB-level catchers, firstbasemen, outfielders and starting pitchers, the Pittsburgh Pirates should start looking for more than just “measuring stick” players this offseason. True competition won’t block young prospects in the team’s future plans. When the prospect can take a job, you know they’re truly ready for The Show.  Brought toContinue reading “Pirates Must Create More Competition”

On the Bubble – Which Pirates are in Danger of Being a 40-man Casualty

We’re going to have to break this into categories to really make sense of this. Some guys are completely safe because there isn’t anyone internal coming quickly, nobody on the 26-man who can play or pitch where they do, but on this list because a relatively cheap signing would eliminate their usefulness.

How Ke’Bryan Hayes Maps Out The Pirates’ Way Bucs In The Basement shuts down any Ke’Bryan Hayes contract slander with data that shows it is already a good deal that will just get better with age. We’re also explaining why his value to the team actually shines a light on a possible team building philosophy that could narrow the gap between aContinue reading “How Ke’Bryan Hayes Maps Out The Pirates’ Way”