Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Another week of Spring games in the books and with the World Baseball Classic in full swing too, baseball is everywhere right now. The results haven’t been great for the Pirates so far, not that the record matters in Spring, but you still want to see players starting to show the rust knocking off and fewer blow up innings from the pitchers.

Through The Prospect Porthole: Bae’s Path To The Opening Day Roster

3-9-23 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) For almost the entire 2022 Season, Pirates Fans were clamoring for Ji-hwan Bae to make his Major League Debut. From the start Bae came out swinging…literally. Over the first three months of the season Bae slashed .305/.368/.473 with a career tying 8 home runs, 19 stolenContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: Bae’s Path To The Opening Day Roster”

Make it Make Sense! Pirates Add Mark Mathias from the Rangers

Let’s be real fair here, it’s kinda our mantra at Inside the Bucs Basement anyway, but I could run the first part of that headline 52 weeks a year and write something under it that you’d see as a GM making curious decisions. It’s as much part of the job as any trade they make.

Hump Day Pittsburgh Pirates Q&A – Week 3

For the most part, and to your credit, these questions have been anything but boiler plate stuff. Really well thought out, and smart. Thanks to everyone, this feature is only as good as the questions you ask.

Examining Pirates Spring Training Narratives Craig and Chris sit down to discuss the remaining roster spots and who likely fits into them; including bench pieces and the fifth man in the rotation. They go on to talk about veterans in the clubhouse and the next men up.  Brought to you by! Craig Toth covers the Pirates for Inside The BucsContinue reading “Examining Pirates Spring Training Narratives”

Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Bradenton Marauders

3-7-23 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) At this point in the off-season, plotting out the Minor League assignments across the Pirates Farm System is a little bit of a guessing game; but, a very fun one if you are into prospects. In fact I enjoy it so much that I had BenContinue reading “Top 5 Pirates Prospects: Bradenton Marauders”

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five – Spring Update Edition

I don’t usually do these with a theme, but as we’re just about smack dab in the middle of this thing, it feels like a good time to focus on where we are.

Chances are Earned, Not Given

Pirates have moved to a new stage of this effort, and the time for that sort of thinking is largely over. From here on out, it’ll be more about who is pushing, who has displayed an ability to improve an area of concern, maybe even how final the counter move will be play a factor.

Minor League News and Brews: Greensboro Grasshoppers Preview In yet another BONUS Episode of the podcast, Craig is joined by Anthony Murphy from Pirates Prospects to break down the High-A roster, and preview some players you could see in a Grasshoppers Uniform this season.  Craig Toth covers the Pirates for Inside The Bucs Basement, and is a huge Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Fan; especiallyContinue reading “Minor League News and Brews: Greensboro Grasshoppers Preview”

Through The Prospect Porthole: Expectations For Endy

3-2-23 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement on Twitter) Mention Endy Rodriguez in a room full of Pirates Fans, and I can almost guarantee you that the majority would join together in mass to scream about how he should start behind the plate in the Majors; in spite of the fact that most have probablyContinue reading “Through The Prospect Porthole: Expectations For Endy”